Kindergarten Tree Planting

RotaryPark3In a mutually beneficial undertaking, in 2010 the Rotary Club of Latrobe partnered with the Greater Latrobe School District to provide an outdoor educational experience for local kindergarten classes on Earth Day. With both the financial and physical help of our club, kindergarten students from each of the three elementary schools in the district planted trees to help replace dead trees and prevent bank erosion along Nine Mile Run. Environmental science students from the high school also participated by helping with the tree planting and by planning Earth Day activities for the kindergarteners. With the increase in educational activities at the park, one of the most important objectives of the original committee is becoming a reality. To support and provide a staging area for future outdoor education opportunities at the park, a second pavilion is being planned as an outdoor classroom. It will be elevated to overlook a wetlands area at the rear of the park.

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