Latrobe Rotary Founded

LatrobeRotary20Rotary was born in Latrobe on May 1, 1921, when twenty-four of Latrobe’s outstanding citizens decided to form a Rotary Club. The first meeting of the Rotary Club of Latrobe was held at the Hotel Miller in Latrobe on May 15, 1921. At that first meeting, sexteen were present, along with four visitors from the Rotary Club of Greensburg, which sponsored our club. These visitors gave short talks outlining the procedures followed by the Greensburg club in their meetings.

Even though May 1, 1921 was the charter date, it was not until July 11, 1921, that the charter, No. 965, was formally presented to our service organization at a meeting held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier.

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