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Dictionary Distribution

DictionaryEvery year Latrobe Rotary purchases and provides dictionaries to third graders at local schools. The kids are always excited to receive their own copy that they can put their name in.

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Backpack Project


The Latrobe Rotary Club initiated the Backpack Bag-Of-Food Program in January 2015. The program supplies nutritious food for the weekend to children in kindergarten through grade 6 at Latrobe Elementary School.

Volunteers from the Club donate their time to help pack the bags each week which are then delivered to the school, the backpacks are then discreetly given to about 48 children at Latrobe Elementary School with enough food to make meals for Friday-Sunday.

While the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program provide healthy food to eligible children, these same children may not have enough food to eat in their homes during the weekend, Teachers regularly observed children coming to school hungry because they were not getting enough to eat on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Wellness Checks

headerLogoWellness Checks are an affordable community multiphasic blood analysis available to all community members. Excela Health partners with the Rotary to present these screenings as a benefit to our community and those they serve. This popular program includes 22 tests that monitor all major body organs as well as a glucose (blood sugar) and cholesterol test, a complete blood count is included for a cost of only $35.00. The comparable cost of having these tests done individually or not as part of a community health fair or similar event would be well over $200. Results are processed at an Excela Health laboratory and are screened for abnormalities

Fasting for 12 hours prior to the testing is recommended. Participants receive a copy of the results and a booklet explaining what the tests are for in the mail approximately 7-10 days following.

For dates and locations, visit www.excelahealth. org

Latrobe Rotary Founded

LatrobeRotary20Rotary was born in Latrobe on May 1, 1921, when twenty-four of Latrobe’s outstanding citizens decided to form a Rotary Club. The first meeting of the Rotary Club of Latrobe was held at the Hotel Miller in Latrobe on May 15, 1921. At that first meeting, sexteen were present, along with four visitors from the Rotary Club of Greensburg, which sponsored our club. These visitors gave short talks outlining the procedures followed by the Greensburg club in their meetings.

Even though May 1, 1921 was the charter date, it was not until July 11, 1921, that the charter, No. 965, was formally presented to our service organization at a meeting held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier.

Meeting History

Hines Hotel1930In its first year of existence, Latrobe’s Rotary Club did not have a regular meeting site. Individual members would “host” the club, arranging a location and often serving the meal themselves, with the help of some member volunteers. By the end of 1921 they were meeting fairly regularly at the Plaza Hotel on Main Street, and by 1924 they had moved to the Hines Hotel (located where the Latrobe Municipal Building now stands). From 1928 until 1939 they met at the American Legion home, with occasional meetings at such locations as the dining room of the Masonic Hall or at the Miller Hotel. Latrobe Country Club welcomed the Rotarians from 1939 until 1962, interrupted only for a brief time during World War II when gas rationing forced the club to find a meeting site within walking distance. Thus, for a few months in 1943, the club met a Vogle’s Hotel (formerly the Hines Hotel). Beginning in 1962 the meetings were held at the Sons of Italy Social Club at the corner of Thompson and Jefferson Streets, except for a period when repairs were being made to the building. When the Sons of Italy closed that site, the meetings were held for a brief time at The Station.  Read More

First Meeting Minutes

americanlegion1930July 11, 1921,  the charter, No. 965, was formally presented to our service organization at a meeting held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier. Following are the minutes of that gathering, recorded by Secretary Charles S. Miller:

“The Meeting was held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier, July 11, 1921, at 6:30. Twenty-three members together with sixty visitors were present. District Governor Neville was present with thirty members from Greensburg, sixteen from Scottdale, three from Pittsburgh, four from Uniontown, and one from Dallas, Texas.
“President Sipe welcomed the visitors and after singing ‘America’ the president called on Frank Miller of Greensburg Rotary Club. Thomas Whiteman on behalf of the Rotary Club accepted the charter, after which Greensburg demonstrated their music ability with a song. Read More

Community Projects Dinner

Special-ProjectsLooking for a way to increase the amount of money available to support community service efforts, in 1989 the Rotary Club of Latrobe initiated its annual Community Projects Dinner. Tickets for an elimination drawing are sold within the community and surrounding area. Those who attend enjoy an evening of fine food and fellowship while enabling the club to serve the community in a wider variety of projects.

In the months following the dinner, grant requests are received by the Grant Allocation Committee, who review them to determine whether they merit further consideration. Preference is given to “brick-and-mortar” projects rather than requests for funds for operating expenses. The committee then makes its recommendations to the Board of Directors, who make the final decision on the grants.

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End Polio Now

PolioRotary and its partners are on-track to end polio in the next few years. The eradication effort has seen significant progress in recent years:

In January 2014, we celebrated one of the world’s greatest achievements in global health: India being certified as polio-free. India was once considered the hardest place on earth to stop polio. Now, India’s success proves polio can be stopped in even the most challenging conditions.

In September 2015, Nigeria – Africa’s last polio-endemic country – was declared polio-free by the World Health Organization.

The entire continent of Africa has not reported a polio case since August 11, 2014.

Since the global initiative began more than 25 years ago, Rotary and its partners have reduced polio cases by 99.9% percent worldwide.

When the initiative started in 1988, more than 350,000 people were stricken by polio every year – nearly 1,000 new polio cases every day.

All countries must continue to maintain high routine immunization coverage until polio is eradicated everywhere.


Campinas Reforestation Project

Brazillian-RotaryA three-year 2010/2011 project partnered by Districts 7330 and 4590, and the Campinas-Alvorada and Latrobe Rotary Club to demonstrate that over-logged, denuded forests areas along riverbanks in Campinas, which cause damaging runoff and pollution, can be restored by planting, growing and managing large numbers of tree seedlings. Briefly, the project accomplished the following: Read More

Kindergarten Tree Planting

RotaryPark3In a mutually beneficial undertaking, in 2010 the Rotary Club of Latrobe partnered with the Greater Latrobe School District to provide an outdoor educational experience for local kindergarten classes on Earth Day. With both the financial and physical help of our club, kindergarten students from each of the three elementary schools in the district planted trees to help replace dead trees and prevent bank erosion along Nine Mile Run. Environmental science students from the high school also participated by helping with the tree planting and by planning Earth Day activities for the kindergarteners. With the increase in educational activities at the park, one of the most important objectives of the original committee is becoming a reality. To support and provide a staging area for future outdoor education opportunities at the park, a second pavilion is being planned as an outdoor classroom. It will be elevated to overlook a wetlands area at the rear of the park.