Latrobe Rotary Founded

LatrobeRotary20Rotary was born in Latrobe on May 1, 1921, when twenty-four of Latrobe’s outstanding citizens decided to form a Rotary Club. The first meeting of the Rotary Club of Latrobe was held at the Hotel Miller in Latrobe on May 15, 1921. At that first meeting, sexteen were present, along with four visitors from the Rotary Club of Greensburg, which sponsored our club. These visitors gave short talks outlining the procedures followed by the Greensburg club in their meetings.

Even though May 1, 1921 was the charter date, it was not until July 11, 1921, that the charter, No. 965, was formally presented to our service organization at a meeting held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier.

Meeting History

Hines Hotel1930In its first year of existence, Latrobe’s Rotary Club did not have a regular meeting site. Individual members would “host” the club, arranging a location and often serving the meal themselves, with the help of some member volunteers. By the end of 1921 they were meeting fairly regularly at the Plaza Hotel on Main Street, and by 1924 they had moved to the Hines Hotel (located where the Latrobe Municipal Building now stands). From 1928 until 1939 they met at the American Legion home, with occasional meetings at such locations as the dining room of the Masonic Hall or at the Miller Hotel. Latrobe Country Club welcomed the Rotarians from 1939 until 1962, interrupted only for a brief time during World War II when gas rationing forced the club to find a meeting site within walking distance. Thus, for a few months in 1943, the club met a Vogle’s Hotel (formerly the Hines Hotel). Beginning in 1962 the meetings were held at the Sons of Italy Social Club at the corner of Thompson and Jefferson Streets, except for a period when repairs were being made to the building. When the Sons of Italy closed that site, the meetings were held for a brief time at The Station.  Read More

First Meeting Minutes

americanlegion1930July 11, 1921,  the charter, No. 965, was formally presented to our service organization at a meeting held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier. Following are the minutes of that gathering, recorded by Secretary Charles S. Miller:

“The Meeting was held at the Laughner Farm near Ligonier, July 11, 1921, at 6:30. Twenty-three members together with sixty visitors were present. District Governor Neville was present with thirty members from Greensburg, sixteen from Scottdale, three from Pittsburgh, four from Uniontown, and one from Dallas, Texas.
“President Sipe welcomed the visitors and after singing ‘America’ the president called on Frank Miller of Greensburg Rotary Club. Thomas Whiteman on behalf of the Rotary Club accepted the charter, after which Greensburg demonstrated their music ability with a song. Read More